It’s raining rain!

This is worthy of a happy dance for two reasons:

1. Rain means a break in the endless construction. They managed to get the weatherproofing done before the heavens opened up, so no worries there. I am basking in the soft plink of raindrops hitting my building, unimpeded by annoying porch railings, gutters, drain spouts, and all that standard house crap that is temporarily absent. I’d worry about flooding, but it’s only pouring by California standards. We’re talking a quarter inch over twenty-four hours – enough for everyone to panic and fly off the roads as if beset by an apocalyptic meteor storm, but not enough for flash-flooding unless you’re living in a ditch or on the beach. So, probably okay.
2. I can finally relax and let go of the fear that the smallest static contact with a doorknob or appliance will spontaneously set the entire county ablaze. This is a common California fear (citation needed), particularly down south, where the scenery can get, well, pretty crunchy. Except for the damn ice plants. What is their secret? And why aren’t we doing a better job of harnessing it? The northern plants can get by on fog in a pinch, but lately even they’ve been feeling the strain. Not today, though. Today, we’re all breathing a little easier. Enjoy the free CO2, shrubs and firs. It’s party time up in here.


It’s raining nails! Hallelujah, let’s get inside!

The posts are starting off sparse here in the land of nickels, mostly because I haven’t been home much and don’t care to tote my laptop around via bicycle all the way to the local coffee place. No, it’s not my internet. That’s fine. They’re re-siding the apartment. It’s very loud and constructiony. My porch railings have been reduced to a naked framework of two-by-fours. The hammering is endless, which I don’t understand on days when they seem to just be doing the flashing (that’s… a thing… with walls – they’re not all just standing around in trench coats, although, that, too, would be confusing and alarming, especially if still combined with the hammering).

Hopefully, this building will be done soon. I can’t remember what quiet is like.

Oh, and stuff like this happens: I’m in here the other day and I’ve put in a maintenance order for something unrelated to the construction. I hear what sounds like a knock on the door so I open it, and there’s a guy on a ladder with one side leaning against where the door was. He’s a few rungs up. We just stare at each other in surprise and he says “uh oh”. He jumps down. I try to apologize and explain the situation from my perspective, but it becomes pretty clear he doesn’t speak English and my Spanish is extremely limited to mostly Tijuana slang, random exclamations, and standard niceties, so eventually I just closed the door and gave up. Now I’m scared of accidentally killing someone by just going about my daily business because my baseline level of obliviousness is freakishly high. The moment felt so slapstick-y, though, like Benny Hill but verging on a horror movie, which now that I’m thinking about it could potentially be amazing, just not in real life.

Wish me luck weathering the storm(proofing)!